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In August 2009, I stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime. I was asked to fly a small, single engine, homemade, experimental aircraft from Buffalo, Minnesota to Johannesburg, South Africa. This is the adventure story of me (a skinny white guy from Minnesota) and my adventure of a lifetime that I had, trying to get this airplane halfway around the world. Learn all about the flight planning process, all the hazards of flying over the North Atlantic Ocean, over the desert of Egypt, and into the jungles of Africa.
           Come along on the adventure and read about the in-flight icing over the mountains of Greece, the turbulence over the fjords of Greenland, the engine problems in Djibouti, the experience of flying over a Somali refugee camp and many more tales.  Experience the thrills, excitement, and stress of completing the trip of a lifetime. The journey took over 24 days to complete; flying over three continents, 19 countries, and covering over 10,000 miles and 90 hours of flight time. To see the route that I took, click here. This book is perfect for the aviation enthusiast, world traveler, or anyone with a sense of adventure
The airplane I flew was a Velocity XL.  It was built in a garage by a friend of mine, Bruce Topp.  Its truly a one of a kind aircraft.  Click here to learn more about the aircraft
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